Innovative films for exclusive finishes

Rigid polyester for Packaging

Poliéster ventana

Transparent biaxially oriented polyester film with acrylic treatment on both sides. VERY high gloss, excellent strength and dimensional stability.

  • Suitable for all standard printing processes (offset, flexo and gravure).
  • Indicated for individual windows of high value added product boxes.

Holographic Polypropylene

Polipropileno Holográfico

Polypropylene or polyester film with a wide variety of designs and backgrounds.

  • It can be printed on with any technology, flexo, rotography, or digital.
  • Designed for paper and cardboard lamination for the graphic arts, labels and, particularly, for the luxury packaging markets.
  • We have over 185 references with a variety of designs.

Wet Alubrush metallized embossed

Gofrado wet Alubrush metalizado

Embossed laminating film for print finishes and metallized finish.

  • Low static electricity level, optimum slippage, high resistance to scratching. 
  • ALUBRUSH finish simulating a horizontal etching with a metal finish.
  • Lamination or plastification of graphic material: book covers, atlases, and manual files.

Dry Fluffy polypropylene

Polipropileno dry Fluffy

Polypropylene film with EVA coating on the inside, corona treatment on the outside and a VELVET MATT finish. It makes it possible to laminate the film with heat and pressure.

  • Designed to provide an elegant velvet finish.  
  • Available in wet and digital version.
  • Applications: Lamination or plastification of graphic media, luxury boxes, etc.

UV Polyester

Poliéster Ultravioleta

UV stabilized transparent polyester film resistant to UV radiation.

Innovative and quite interesting film for packaging boxes directly exposed to the sun either in a store window or on supermarket shelves.

  • It slows down the deterioration of ink due to UV radiation.

We offer a wide variety of films and specialties tailored to each of our customers.